Month: February 2015

Play it Live! – Asterix, Spanky’s Quest and MACS

This week I picked some games at random. Games I’ve never played before and for the SNES.

[Mylo9000] Project Update

So, for those that don’t know or anyone that stumbles upon this blog, I’m working on a new project to get some ideas out of my head and out into the real world. I figured I’d use this story line

Play it Live! – I am Bread

Week 3 of “Play it Live!” is up. This week it’s “I am Bread”. Stuff Goes Here

Play it Live! – Out of this World

For Week 2 of “Play it Live!” we’re doing a classic game (in my books). Today it’s “Out of this World” for the SNES.

PAYDAY 2 – Nightclub with Mystik – Side by side

A Side By Side play of the Nightclub job in PAYDAY 2.

Clever Title Here

It’s times like this that I really wish I could turn off my brain for a while. So it turns out that some of the issues with WordPress are known-issues and the dev’s at WordPress are trying to figure out

Test Site Update #2

Unhand my turnip! FINALLY! I’m making some progress here.  Learning a lot and finding out that I’ve been over complicating everything for hours! YAY!

guardiane Test post #2

AHHHH! (not actually posted by Jeff, just M9k going crazy tying to figure all this out again.)

Test post for guardiane

This is where guardiane will post silly things and junk and stuff.  


Setting up a web-server from scratch is fun!  SO MUCH FUN!