Month: March 2015

Play it Live! – Plug & Play

Today we’re playing “Plug & Play” – a very unique and brief game about…I’m not entirely sure. It’s very strange and quite random…a game totally suited for somebody like myself. Sit back and enjoy while I play an entire game

Play it Live! – Random Filth

Anyway, here is week 4 of March. As you know, week 4 is supposed to be a random game. I’m still sticking with that plan but in a different way.

Play it Live! – There Came an Echo

This week for Play it Live! – Week 3, we’re playing “There Came an Echo” on Steam.

Update – March 2015

Just another pointless update video to mildly explain what’s going on with my life…which is nothing. ENJOY

Play it Live! – Silent Hill 1

Week 2 – March 2015 – Play it Live! will be Silent Hill for the original PSX/PS1/Sony Playstation. Week 2 means a classic game and this game was definitely one of my top PSX games.

Play it Live! – Mount Your Friends

Lets begin the week with a “bang”…with this very unusual game called “Mount Your Friends”. To be honest, when I first saw this game, I just assumed it was going to be pathetic and full of penis’ but turns out