Month: April 2015

Play it Live! – Hippocampal: The White Sofa

Well since I’ve never planned for a 5th week to a month (not that it matters really), I’ll just pick something that I’ve wanted to do previously but couldn’t due to Playclaw not cooperating.

Star Wars and…

In light of the new Star Wars teaser trailer #2, colleagues at work brought something to my attention that I should have thought of long ago…something that I’m going to start working on immediately…

Play it Live! – Turbo Dismount

Today we’re playing a strange simulator of sorts…if it’s even considered that…called “Turbo Dismount”.

I Don’t Understand

Pointless video about my petty 1st world issues.

Play it Live! – Tyrants

This time I’m playing a strategy Genesis (Master System) game. I haven’t seen this game mentioned too much online, not sure why.

Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses – Master Quest

So recently my wife and I went to go see the “Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Master Quest” in Toronto, Ontario

Capture Test – ACTION!, MorphVox Pro – ALIEN: Isolation

Testing out some capture software (Action!) and voice modulation software (MorphVox Pro). gave it a go in Alien: Isolation on PC. Its funny, but kind annoying. what do you think?