Month: May 2015

Play it Live! – Grand Theft Auto V

Okay okay, I know GTA V has been done to death but I figured, what the hell, if I do it once, whose going to really care. I’d like to do a lot more but I gots no time.

Klaq2k Classic – Hail Jenkin Dildo Hat

Going through some old VHS tapes and found a stock load of classic crap we used to record on my old 8mm. This one was done back in the 90’s during High School, Mylo9000 amongst the group.

Blender Tinker project 02

I have a new computer that works so much better with blender. So much so, that I have to re-learn how to do various things since my computer can keep up and actually show me whats happening in real-time for

Play it Live! – Domestic Dog Simulator

Another belated episode but only by a day at least…it’s harder to keep up these days and that’s sad seeing as I’m only doing one episode a week 😛

Star Wars – Holiday Special Review – Part 1

Okay here is part 1 of my Star Wars Holiday Special review. This part consists of me first ranting about movie sequels and how so many bad ones have been popping out…as well as talking about the new Star Wars

Play it Live! – Metal Marines

Sorry guys for missing week 1 entirely…it’ll be all explained in this video. Since I’m skipping straight to week 2, I’ll be doing another classic game. This time it’s Metal Marines for the SNES.