Month: June 2015

Robo Boom Final

A quick animation to test the quick explosion and smoke effects in blender with a generic android thingy. nothing special. I made a bunch of Combat Androids for use in some future projects and to use as generic characters for

Update – June 2015

Figured I’d post another update video…though I don’t do much anyway. I’m going on hiatus for a little bit soon but plan on returning with a new line-up…for what it’s worth.

Play it Live! – Valkyrie Profile – Part 2

Part 2 is up…

Play it Live! – Valkyrie Profile – Part 1

Ah good ol’Valkyrie Profile, the game I bought initially for no reason at all. That’s right, I had no idea what I was getting into at first, I saw the game on the shelf and bought it just because the