Month: September 2015

RANT – Play to Win

This episode I rant on about the frigin Play-to-Win and Free-to-Play type of games…likes and dislikes…mostly dislikes.

Play it Live! – Shower with Dad Sim & Wagon Adventure

Sorry, I had to put an 18 rating on this one…because of stupid 8-bit pixelated man dong. As petty as it is, it’s still nudity nonetheless and I was too lazy to censor it. Otherwise, prepare for “Show With Your

Klaq2k Classic – Terminator Drink

Another classic episode where we had nothing but free time to make stupid videos with a home camcorder. In this short skit, Jesse has a guest over (Steve) and upon serving him a drink, comes across a disturbing discovery!

Video Game Deaths – The Sequel – Part 2

Today we focus on Vandal Hearts for the PS1 and Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge for the SNES.

RANT – Too Many Things

This RANT involves two topics: 1. People and their sensitivity to certain words 2. Too many items to choose from on the market – whether it be games, paints or light bulbs…etc.