Month: November 2015

RANT – Drakkhen and Trolls

In this weeks RANT, I briefly go over internet Trolls and my old Worst Games – Drakkhen video and all the negative, raged induced, feedback from that video.

WoW – Getting The Kurken with Horde

Okay so, I play World of Warcraft (WoW) from time to time and one of my favorite classes is a Hunter. Now one of the best parts of being a Hunter is “hunting” for exotic/rare pets to fight alongside you.

Klaq2k Classic – Computer Kid Killer

always enjoyed how we put 0 effort into costume design, audio quality or visual effects of any kind. The killer was using a pen by the way.

Play it Live! – After Dark

This is part 2 to my “Play it Live – 3.11” episode which aired last week. This time I run through the “After Dark” screensaver program in Windows 3.11 as I had originally played it back in my teen years.

Play it Live! – Windows 3.11

I actually intended to do Windows 3.11 AND After Dark but the entire episode became over an hour, so I broke it into 2 parts. Part 1 revolves around Windows 3.11…why? Just because…nostalgia, I guess.