Month: December 2015

I Got Mail!

This video is dedicated to Mr. Bludclot and all his generous donations. I just go through a collection of stuff he’s donated over the course of the year and how I intend to one day go through them all. Thus

Klaq2k Classic – Cops: The Next Generation

This one was done by my brother back in the day…found this classic on an old tape that I thought I had lost. Thanks Jesse for recovering it from the depths of your basement.

LAN Highlights – (Nov 2015) – Rocket League

Yet another series I’m starting which focuses on LAN parties that I attended from time to time. For years now, my buddies and I will get together maybe once a month and play games (used to be with consoles but

Using USB headset with Stereo Mix – Breakdown – an Addendum

Got tired of getting the same questions over and over. So I slapped this video together.

Klaq2k Classic – The No Axe Murderer

Just another ancient classic from the greasy hall of fame. Good times. This one stars Dennis, his brother Eric and myself as the murderer? Well, sort of…

Play it Live! – Squishy the Suicidal Pig & Stalin Subway

This month’s Play it Live!, I did another set of 2 games because I felt “Squishy” wasn’t very entertaining both in comedic value and gameplay so I added a bit on “The Stalin Subway” at the end to liven things