Month: January 2016

Klaq2k Classic – Killer Cat 1 & 2

Good ol’90’s where making any sort of video was considered hilarious back then. Any such attempt to replicate this video today would just be lame and sad…not to say this video isn’t. Join Mike and Steve as they face off

Intermission Bits 4

These bits were taken from the following episodes: – All “Video Game Deaths”– Play it Live! – Forklifter 2014– NES TOP 10 – #7 Godzilla & #8 River City Ransom

Classic Games – Hugo’s House of Horror

I was going to make this a “Play it Live!” originally but figured I haven’t done a “Classic Games” episode in awhile so…here we are. Hugo’s House of Horror! It’s an ancient DOS based game from back in the day

RANT – New Star Trek Movies

More on Star Trek but this time I’m not limiting myself to just Voyager but rather the entire new set of films (the JJ Abrams crap). These new movies don’t do the original’s any justice…so disappointed. Watch the video to