Month: July 2016

Wasting Time in Warframe

Just wasting time playing some Warframe. its a F2P game available on steam.

Klaq2k Classic – Magic Shirt Man

Another classic taken from the VHS vault of crap. This time, I play a killer…or….stalker…or a bad guy of some sort, wearing a Toronto Maple Leaf sweater, chasing after Jesse for no apparent reason. What he uses to thwart me


I’m sure no one noticed or cared, but the site WAS down for about a month. All thanks to our ISP deciding we didn’t need all the IP addresses we pay for.Finally fixed and we’re back up.  Again, not like

Guess the Game – Answers

This video is to give the answers. Nobody got 100% but somebody did get at least 3 of them (Youtube user: Rakiarmas). It was meant to be tough as I was interested to see if anybody would have been hardcore

RANT – Grandia 2’s Ending

Just finished playing the PC port of Grandia 2. Amazing story, fun gameplay, overall excellent UNTIL…you beat it. The ending was disappointing to say the least and this RANT will tell you why. I also touch point on some other

Lester & Soapman [Com-Pile]

***UPDATE – I missed out one video! Stupid me…you can find it here. The segment is at the end of the video:…******************************************************************************************************************* As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of “Another World” or “Out of