Month: August 2016

Catching Up….

8/26/2016 Sites still down.. Unstable is becoming more like, non-existent… much like my social life… fml 8/18/2016 First off, I feel like i need to apologize for the instability of this site. We’ve been having server issues. Specifically a chronic

Play it Live! – Final Rush

Mylo9000 and I play some “Final Rush” on Steam…it’s alright, I guess. Probably would be better if we weren’t the only people on the planet playing it. It’s a co-op based multiplayer game where you fight against wave after wave

Gang Beasts with El Foxadore and Mikaeela

Played a quick game of Gang Beasts with some friends. Thought I’d share some highlights. Sorry for the audio, didn’t have the correct device selected so it was only recording my mic.

The Tuxedo Murders

Found old footage from 200x that Jesse had made and asked me to edit YEARS ago…totally forgot. Better late than never…so basically it’s just Jesse in a tux killing all of us. That’s it. This was made in the final

Wasting Time In Warface

Just playing some warface, figured I’d make a video out of it.