Month: January 2017

Some what back to “Normal”

Things are starting to level out in this new year. However, things are still kinda messed up. The site seems to be stable for now. but that could change at any time. I’ve suffered a number of hardware failures and

Play it Live! – Roblox – Dinosaur Simulator

Finally doing another Play it Live! and I’m going back to Roblox again but this time it’s the “Dinosaur Simulator”. My daughter tends to play this game often and once in awhile I’ll play with her. In fact, this time

RANT – Cheating in Games

I just go on a small tangent about my days (past and present) with regards to cheating in video games. Such topics include: – Diablo 2– Starcraft 2– NES Game Genie days– Byron’s disappointment– much much more!

NES Top 10 – #5 – Shadowgate

Finally releasing another Top 10 video…it’s only taking me about a decade to finish the NES series…geez. Anyway, for #5 is Shadowgate, a good ol’point-and-click adventure game back from 1989. Not a very long game but different and fun for