Month: February 2017

Play it Live! – 7 Days to Die

Mylo9000 has recently got me into 7 Days to Die, it’s a pretty fun zombie/crafting/survival game. In this footage, you’ll see me playing alongside Mylo, Brent and Jesse. I actually had a LOT more footage but figured I’d cap this

Klaq2k Classic – Alien 3 – My Version

So back in the 90’s I had decided to make a real crappy animation of Alien 3 the movie…but this is a very summarized, bizarre, exaggerated version of it. Even though I disliked the movie back then (still kind of

RANT – Star Wars – Rogue One

I had actually watched Rogue One the day of the first showing…but didn’t bother to put this video together until now…fail. Anyway, this is my not-so RANT about the movie and my feelings toward it. Hint: It’s better than Episode