Month: August 2017

Klaq2k Classic – Dung Dang Police

Found another old tape with super retro stuff on it…actually, it’s not THAT retro, just looks that way based on greyscale footage. This was Miles’ (Mylo9000) old camera and it didn’t have any color feature on it…or maybe it did

Klaq2k Classic – The Christmas Murders

Sometime in the 90’s, at a townhouse, during Christmas, was a murder of extreme proportions (that makes sense). A murder so brutal that the police tried to bury the evidence as a means to shield society from any unnecessary trauma. 

Sgt. Splatters – Commercial

So I was going through a hidden stash of VHS tapes I found last night when I stumbled across a rare gem of a commercial my friends and I used to laugh at all the time.  It’s a commercial from

Top 10 – NES/SNES – 1st Stage Songs

Did another Top 10 list of songs but this time it’s regarding the 1st stages of mostly action oriented games from the NES/SNES era. Figured I’d do something more random…