Month: December 2017

LAN Highlights – Offworld Trading Company

Picked up another neat game by StarDock called “Offworld Trading Company”. Who knew a game based on finances and trading could be so much fun? Then again, I used to play a game similar to this ALL the time back

Klaq2k Classic – Land of Socks

Found another relic on an old VHS tape. This one involves a young man (Dennis) who mistakenly wears an alien pair of socks that transports him to the “Land of Socks” (which you never see). There, time travels much faster

Play it Live! – Random Filth 2

Okay so I went all out for this one…been a long time coming. Not sure what sparked my interest into finally using some of the stuff that Mr. Bludclot gave me months back (or years maybe)…but I finally did it.

LAN Highlights – Left 4 Dead 2

Once again I goofed up with this one…I forgot to adjust my audio settings and the game ends up drowning out my voice so you can barely hear me the entire video. Anyway, there isn’t much to hear, it’s just