Month: April 2018

LAN Highlights – PUBG – Fail Again

Just a fail compilation (mostly fails) take from the many games of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that I’ve played lately. I’m finally starting to get a little better as I can manage a kill here and there…but that’s still not saying much

Klaq2k Classic – New Years 1995

I was going through some old tapes once again and found this footage taken in 1995, New Years day. I remember this footage, I’ve seen it 100 times but not once did I realize that this was a New Years

VG Playlist #1 – PC / PS1 / PS2

This will just be a playlist of SOME of the PS1/PC music I listen to often (there are a couple PS2 tracks too). I didn’t want to provide entire OST’s but rather give you a sample of them. Besides, Youtube

Dad & Daughter Gaming – Hello Neighbor

My daughter made a video of us playing Hello Neighbor so I figured I’d post it on my channel for fun.