Klaq2k Classic – Broken Segments

So most of these Retro episodes are taken from archaic VHS tapes. Back in the day, when I had a working 8mm video camera, I’d go through all of my available tapes and compile the footage onto one VHS tape. Since I had so many 8mm tapes, to compile all the footage onto one VHS tape was impossible unless I compiled only the best stuff.


Anyway, back in the day, I’d do this often and since I was only a kid and had only so many VHS tapes to use, I’d rerecord or recreate these VHS tapes over and over on the same tapes until I had like the perfect compilations. Because of this, there are sections on the tapes that are bits and pieces of previous sketches or sketches that were cut off due to the constant rerecording. I hope this is making sense but if it doesn’t, then just watch this video and you’ll see what I mean. This video is taken from a section of a compilation tape…I haven’t really edited it, if you press play on the tape (on a certain section) you’ll see this video as is.

Be prepared to be confused and to lose a few brain cells.