Catching Up….


Sites still down.. Unstable is becoming more like, non-existent… much like my social life… fml


First off, I feel like i need to apologize for the instability of this site. We’ve been having server issues. Specifically a chronic hardware failure that causes the software to freak out and crash the server. The server should recover itself on reboot but because of the hardware issue, it fails and borks everything.

After some probing, my super smart brother, figured out what was wrong and has ordered the needed parts to address the issue. Now its just a waiting game for the parts to arrive.

But don’t get me started on waiting for deliveries. I ordered a few things that I have yet to receive. This is all because the Canadian Postal Service decided to go on strike. I don’t fully understand why thy needed to do that. I just know if frak’d up my deliveries and totally borked all my time lines for various projects.

It’s really no excuse for me to be dragging my heals so much on my video ideas/projects. I chalk it up to depression, and how my lifestyle keeps changing. Being the only one of my siblings that has the availability to take care of my elderly father is a big contributing factor. Its a test of what little patience I have. I put off getting deeply involved in any projects because I know that my father will need my attention or bother me with asinine brain farts. Yes dad, there’s a traffic issue on the QEW. We don’t travel anywhere out of city, so I don’t know why you’re bothering me with this…. For the 6th time today… It makes it hard to sit down and work on a video when you’re so flustered that you can’t concentrate.

I’m also the only one that can take care of the house and any random event that my occur, like taking care of a surprise bill or random drek that happens in my ghetto of a neighbourhood.
The house is really in an unmanageable disarray to the extent that I refuse to have anyone over because of its embarrassing state. I’m working on it.

Today I was lucky enough to wake up with a bit of productivity, even though everything around me is trying to prevent it. A while ago I decided to re-animate my current project, the timing was way off and I wasn’t happy with how, mechanical the motion was coming out as. So I decided to break up the work into 260 frame or so, sections. I started a side by side render of the current scene before I went to bed last night. I open the same project in two instances of blender. In one i set it up to create a placeholder for the current frame, and render it on the GPU (my gtx970) and the other instance of blender also creates a placeholder for the next available frame and renders it on the CPU (all 16 cores).

The GPU render can finish a frame in about 3 minutes where the CPU render will take up to 5 minutes 30 seconds. Its faster than just doing it all with one set of hardware, but I wish it didn’t make my primary computer useless until done.

I would use the render farm for this to speed things up, but recently the farm just hasn’t been working right. Seems the farm doesn’t like linked resources. (objects and materials that come from a separate blender file). I think to avoid this issue in the future I’ll just have to start appending the resources.

I’ve been pottering around the place trying to keep myself busy, with any luck I won’t fall into another rut of inactivity.

Things are going to change. I can feel it.