Another Character Done – Mr. Braqcor

Mr.Braqcor. Another character ready. Tried a few different things with this one. I used Blender’s sculpting tools to give him an aged appearence and applied a texture to the surface of his robes to make it more interesting. There are a few things i wanted to do with this one but i didn’t want to over complicate everything. i’ll build up to that.

I’ve been tinkering around, slowly working on this project and I decided to go with blenders sculpting features for his face and hands. This worked out and did speed up the modeling process. I’m really happy with the results. I initially intended to give him some hair but when I did, I made him look too young and ran into some technical issues with the render process.  The hair wasn’t playing nice when it came to applying soft body physics either. Instead of continuing to tinker and waste too much time on small details, I opted to leave it out.  I know he has no ears, this is intentional. All will be revealed in time.