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WTH could possibly happen next?

<RANT>This has been an ordeal. The last little while has been fraught with misadventure. Week started with my car getting broken into, and now a windstorm that is going to require a new roof. I guess it’s fortunate that i

Some what back to “Normal”

Things are starting to level out in this new year. However, things are still kinda messed up. The site seems to be stable for now. but that could change at any time. I’ve suffered a number of hardware failures and

Catching Up….

8/26/2016 Sites still down.. Unstable is becoming more like, non-existent… much like my social life… fml 8/18/2016 First off, I feel like i need to apologize for the instability of this site. We’ve been having server issues. Specifically a chronic

Gang Beasts with El Foxadore and Mikaeela

Played a quick game of Gang Beasts with some friends. Thought I’d share some highlights. Sorry for the audio, didn’t have the correct device selected so it was only recording my mic.

Wasting Time In Warface

Just playing some warface, figured I’d make a video out of it.

Wasting Time in Warframe

Just wasting time playing some Warframe. its a F2P game available on steam.


I’m sure no one noticed or cared, but the site WAS down for about a month. All thanks to our ISP deciding we didn’t need all the IP addresses we pay for.Finally fixed and we’re back up.  Again, not like

Project updates and whatnot

Its been some time since I’ve made a progress post. A lot has happened in my life recently, a lot is still happening that takes my attention away from my video projects and other interests. Its frustrating when I do

Dying Alphabetically – Part 2

Here’s the second half of Dying Alphabetically. Technical MumboJumbo:animations made in Blender 2.7, Toonboom Harmony 12 Essentials Stage.some of the graphics i shopped to together myself with GIMP 2.8 these videos took much longer to make than i anticipated!

Dying Alphabetically – Part 1

I know it’s been some time since I’ve uploaded a video.I’m working on a few projects and the type of Animation I do takes time.I hope to get part 2 up much sooner though.Hope you enjoy. Animated in Toon Boom