DasGame – Progress Report

empty card layout template

The Idea thus far

Das Game:

Human – modern syfy [guns, lasers, plasma(laser lightning)]
Demon – mythic supernatural [spells, fireballs, lightning]
Drak (dragonmen) – steampunk-mystik [spells, guns(muskets & blunderbuss, lightning]
Sprityan – admin faction. Non user faction. Potential dlc
ZIN – admin faction. Non user. Potential dlc

The Idea:
This game is a rogue-like (perma-death), isometric 3d, voxel world with 2D character sprites. (perhaps 3d characters not 100% on that.)

The games primary mode (SP) is turned based and plays similar to classic games like ogre battle, tactics ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vandal Hearts or Xcom.

The Timeline is modern-future at first with levels that can occur in steampunk, techno-future or demonic volcanic, forest field/arctic environments. There will be energy based weapons, items and armor as well as, low tech mechanical and demonic magical weapons, items and armor.

Mythical aspects as the enemy is Demonic in nature and consists of many melee, claws, teeth, brute force and in some cases cyber-mechanical type monsters. Ranged monsters that throw fire, plasma, rockets, arrows, birdshot, bullets and lightning appear as well. Many of these types of events will occur much later on during progression. Boss monsters, large and ominous will be hard to take down but yield better loot and are largely story driven.

Items, armor, weapons and special actions are all controlled by a card system. (Similar to MTG)

Play Mechanic: Every day each player gets a free tier-1 pack of common cards (5). One card from each type. This should allow everyone to be able to play at least one random first or second level mission per day without too much risk. Items found from a successful mission and as random drops, may allow addition levels to be played in rapid succession.

During a mission there should be a random chance that items become available as loot from points of interest. These can be rusted lockers, crates, old corpses, garbage piles, demon totems and comms relay stations (comms stations can also be used to request a merc to aid in battle – a purchased one time used fighter that lasts only for the duration for the level) there should be at least one POI per mission and should always be accessible. (unless story driven).

Play Mechanic: If some item card expire or die on use, then on mission success, there is a chance they can retain or gain a duplicate of an item used. (Think of the `get a freebee` in the mario rpg universe.)


The initial character each player must create on starting a new game is automatically given the role of squad leader. The squad leader must survive. If the squad leader dies the game is lost. Lore reasons for this is, the squad leader holds the slipgate control codes that get you home. Squad leader dies the codes die with him and no one goes home.

If the Squad leader is mortally wounded (less than 20% health with a bleed status effect) then the role of squad leader can be passed to another team member at no cost. The team member that is to receive the role of squad leader must be within 3 tiles of the existing squad leader to receive the exchange.

Alternatively, the role of Squad leader can be passed at any time to any team member provided the existing squad leader has a “change of command” item in their inventory. This item dies on use, and is rare to find in the wild, but can be purchased in card packs or traded on the market.

There is an entry and exit slipgate of some kind in each level. However there is no requirement to continue to the next level and the squad can always return to base to manage inventory and swap out party members once a level has been cleared and the exit condition has been met.

Once the squad exits the battlefield, it ceases to exist. There is no chance to recover any lost, missed or forgotten items. Quantum slip gates, go figure.

When a mission is completed a new mission seed card is issued to the squad leader. This essentially unlocks the next level. This allows the player to essentially continue where they left off. Without a seed card the slipgate will spawn a random level 1 mission. Boss keys can be stored and used as desired.

The levels are voxel based 3d and the camera can fly around, but in a limited fashion. (limited to 45 degree increments? Ala FFT or Vandal Hearts).

Players can move team members to higher ground and in some cases gain a strategic and stat bonus for doing so. However, if a team member is in heavy armor they may have to take a turn to un-equip the armor to ascend to the next platform or get a boost from a fellow team member. This may also open up the option of items like jump-jets or leap enhancers allowing heavy units to traverse terrain with ease and in some cases faster than unarmored teammates. (powered armor vs unpowered/depleted battery)

Some weapons may have Mod slots that allow additional features to be added to the weapon via item cards. Eg: silencer, scope, extended mag, damage augmenters or elemental effects.
This will allow some weapons to be more valuable and be able to keep up with demon spells that can always be modded.

Potentially some weapons may be available in both moddable and standard. Eg: the default pistol that everyone gets as a secondary has no mod slots. But you may find an identical pistol in a level that has one – three mod slots.

Breaking down items:
There is potential that the market may have a void for specific common items. This means the default weapons will have no re-sell/market value. So breaking these items down into lesser elements may be an option. If using the pistol as an example again. It has little to no market value. So breaking it down you get a mechanical parts card or scrap metal card. This can be pooled and applied to craft other items at a later date.

Base Characters:


All recruits are not the same, just as every person is different.

Attributes will differ based on RNG.

Base Stats:

Health (1d6*10+90+20 reserve) [100-150][20 Reserve]
Melee Attack (1d6+melee weapon+mods+Item+Armor+Skill),
Ranged Attack (weapon+mods+Item+Armor+Skill),
Movement (3+weapon+mod+Item+Armor+Skill),
perception (1d6)
Initiative (1d4)
Job Affinity (1d4),  [each base character has a job they’re good at]
100 health (20 reserve for bleedout)
1 Job slot.
1 Weapon
1 Item slot
1 Armor slot
1 Skill slot

Job cards have an experience level of their own and can gain a maximum of 10 levels. The longer a recruit maintains a job the more prestige the job gains. Once maxed out, the recruit will retain a permanent stat bonus that says with that recruit even if the job card is changed. The levels gained to a job card will decay if the consecutive recruits are killed with that job card equipped. However, a card with prestige will allow its recruit to replenish the prestige at a faster pace than if the job card was at level 1.

Basic Job classes are: (Human/Malign/Drak)


The generic fighter of any faction.


The healer, is capable of reviving downed team members


Fast moving, light armor. Get in, get out.


Slow moving, tanks. Can take the punishment and deal just as much.


Advanced Job classes:




Damage types by faction:



Armor piercing, Kinetic damage, Plasma Energy, minor explosive


Malign (Demons):

Melee armor piercing, Fire Damage, Armor negating magical (curses)



Poison/Acid/Frost/Cold, Basic Kinetic/Pneumatic (steampunk) (repeater crossbows), High armor Mechanical.
Backstory for Humans:

Humans have created a slipgate system that allows for faster than light travel to distant stars. However this can only be achieved with a special energy that stabilizes the quantum structure between gates. This energy is found in abundance in the quantum fringe-land worlds that unstable gates seem to connect to. Early energy excavations went missing, only to find a demonic force laying waste to settlements. In short order, squads of protectors were established to take out the Malign forces that plague the fringe-lands and claim the energy for all of mankind.


Backstory for Malign:

Born of the void, the beasts of the Malign feed on the dark energy of the universe. After eons of having limitless access to the energies that sustain them, the Malign ended a millennia long war with the Dragons of the Drek and found a balance in the fringe-lands. Then one day the forces of man appeared and robbed the Malign of the energy and used it for their own frivolous agenda. The Malign took to claw, bone, tooth, blight and vile magic and set forth to bring destruction to the homeworld of man and take back the energy of the fringe-lands.


Backstory for Drek:

The Drek are an ancient race of dragonmen that have ascended to a higher plane of existence. They protected the fringe-lands and managed to establish an equilibrium with the beasts of the Malign. Now that a new threat has entered the lands and upset the balance, the Drek have returned to defend once again. Having shed their physical bodies long ago, the essence of each warrior take to the mechanical marvels that once served them in days long past.


Weapon Accuracy:

Melee is a 100% accuracy. Can be modified with Skills.

Ranged Weapons have accuracy that is base 10 (1d10). If my gun is accuracy is 9, any roll 9 and lower is a hit. This can be altered with weapon mods.


Armor automatically reduces all damage to 50%. Armor piercing eliminates that reduction.

Amor has its own amount of hit points. As long as there are hit points the damage reduction persists.  If the armor is reduced to 1hp and you hit for 10. Your hit is reduced to 5, the armor is destroyed and the character is hit for 4.


TBD Nextime on DasGame: Determine Base sets of Items Armors and Skills. Look into Promo & revenue

Most Recent Additions:

AppGameKit 2 isn’t playing nice with the models and The Sprite Generation tools are’t playing nice in general.

Sticking with Blender, but moving to UNITY 5 for the game engine. Starting over from this point isn’t that big of a loss.
This may actually be a good thing.

The collected energy is Prima-Strands (quantum energy strings) and Lunara (a unique Techno-magical alloy that can only be made in the gravity well of the moon.)

size comparison from a scout (ranger) to a standard demon. 

Rough idea of a possible demon faction card.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6

Human Male Recruit – Generic W.I.P

  1. Base Mesh
  2. Start of sculpting
  3. Refined sculpting
  4. Head sculpted
  5. mostly done. onto re-topology phase.
  6. Retopo phase done, Normal Map created, Basic Texture applied.


Want the sculpt? Here have a BLEND FILE

I’ve found a few ways to do retopologize the high res sculpts.
All of them create terrible mesh layouts or a ridiculous poly count.
I did find a technique of manual retopology that works well. (link)

Completed the Retopo, and it worked better than expected.
I brought it down to 2982 vertexes. The original sculpt had 429231.




Proposed Guages

Gauges that show the 20% reserve in red, 100% HP, and 100% Armor.

Alt. Gauge setup

An Alternative Gauge system where the entire bar represents the total health. Armor and Reserve make up a portion of opposite ends.

Learned a lot on AGK. Found out its easy to make a 3d world and control the camera. I even figured out how to texture the primitive default cube with the texture of my choice. I also added the ability for a red block to appear on top when you press the left mouse button. its just for my debugging to understand how the x y and z coordinates work in this world. but is progress. I’m really happy with this platform so far.


I’ve made a lot of progress recently.
I’m currently looking to replace the temporary graphics with actual production graphics.
So I’ve taken a break from the engine to focus on getting the base recruit model finished.

I do need to add 2D, animations and camera controls to the game.
I also need to figure out what kind of player controls we’re going to have.
I would like to limit the control to just mouse input, this translates easy to mobile platforms.
Keyboard shortcuts can be used but will be ignored by mobile.