Klaq2k Classic – Dung Dang Police

Found another old tape with super retro stuff on it…actually, it’s not THAT retro, just looks that way based on greyscale footage. This was Miles’ (Mylo9000) old camera and it didn’t have any color feature on it…or maybe it did at one point and it faded? I don’t know, he can tell you. This camera also had a tendency to not record immediately, so you’ll notice a lot of the audio is cut off at beginning of each scene…oh well, it’s not meant to be a blockbuster film. It actually makes no sense but I guess that’s what we do best here at Klaq2k. So this one was voiced by Miles and Sam (Sarkis Samuel) back in the 90’s. I’m not sure where I was that night…even though it was recorded in my house.