LAN Highlights – (Nov 2015) – Rocket League

Yet another series I’m starting which focuses on LAN parties that I attended from time to time. For years now, my buddies and I will get together maybe once a month and play games (used to be with consoles but now more with PC’s). But unfortunately, my laptop (which is what I typically bring) is not good enough to record while playing. I kept thinking, why not just bring my PC…not practical but at least I can get some footage. So for the next while, I’ll be recording footage whenever I attend a LAN and bring you the highlights of each event.

In this video, the audio quality of us talking is not very good…we don’t have the technology or setup to do it properly. We sit too close together for me to record our headsets (echoing, etc.) so Mylo9000 just setup his laptop to record the area while we played…it’s good enough for now but we’ll figure something out soon.

This month it’s Rocket League we’re playing. Ever want to play Soccer/Football with cars? Well now’s your chance! This game is amazing and fun to play. So many different modes and variation of gameplay (ex. Low gravity, cube ball, boulder ball, beach ball, you name it) as well as DLC content for new model cars (like the DeLorean from Back to the Future).

Sit back and enjoy us frolic about in this action pack LAN adventure! I laugh like a girl.