Lester & Soapman [Com-Pile]

***UPDATE – I missed out one video! Stupid me…you can find it here. The segment is at the end of the video:


As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of “Another World” or “Out of this World” video game. The version I’m most familiar with is the North American port for the SNES. Because of this, I’ve put together (over the course of a couple decades) a few animations and compilations of footage from the game itself. Most of these animations have to do with the main protagonist (Lester Knight Chaykin) and his alien “Buddy” whom I call “Soapman” since he has no official name (not really).

So this COM-PILE video combines ALL the animations I’ve done with Lester and Soapman thus far (I do plan on making more). There is even a bonus addition (at the beginning) that I put together specifically for this video. ENJOY!