Robo Boom Final

A quick animation to test the quick explosion and smoke effects in blender with a generic android thingy. nothing special.

I made a bunch of Combat Androids for use in some future projects and to use as generic characters for testing. I’m not happy with the way they are rigged and will probably redo the rigging later. But they work ok-ish for now and that’s fine by me. I posted these images and video to Facebook but figured i’d put them here for schitz’n giggles.

  • CombatAndroid-XenoBlade

  • CombatAndroid-WorkerBaseModel

  • CombatAndroid-RailScout

  • CombatAndroid-LaserVulture

  • CombatAndroid-LaserBladeSeraTops

  • CombatAndroid-BladeFox

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