R* can suck-it! **UPDATE**


Since R* couldn’t be bothered to give any advise or help in any way, I turned to the community on reddit.com/r/gta5 for assistance.
This proved to be infinitely more helpful since they actually provided solutions.



I knew I wasn’t alone with this issue, as I have seen it mentioned during my time Googling. Turns out R* is even more of douche to others people. Since this is a glitch caused by an R* released update, its a non-replicable issue.


But not all help on public forums is useful.



t.hanksto the help of u/w0ss4g3 and u/Decoy3 I spent 6, or so, hours in races to generate the cash needed to buy the $105k 10 car garage and replace the 2 car garage apartment. (i really didn’t want to do this but I’m at my wits end). And low-and-behold my cars came back.



So, after all this ordeal, I’m only going to partially boycott R*. I will not pay for anything else from them. If I get their products as a gift, that’s fine.

I will NOT spend my own IRL-$ on anything of theirs moving-forward. They really dropped the ball, since the issue was caused by no fault of my own. It was their game updates that caused the problem.

The only thing I can think of right now, that R* can do to redeem themselves, would be to find a way to kick all the hackers to the curb. This way the people that actually play legit can do so unimpeded.