R* can suck-it!


Since R* couldn’t be bothered to give any advise or help in any way, I turned to the community on reddit.com/r/gta5 for assistance. This proved to be infinitely more helpful since they actually provided solutions. RedditToTheRescue   I knew I wasn’t alone with this issue, as I have seen it mentioned during my time Googling the issue. Turns out R* is even more of douche to others people. Since this is a glitch caused by an R* released update, its a non-relocatable issue. non-repro-bs But not all help on public forums are helpful. lol-fag   But thanks to the help of u/w0ss4g3 and u/Decoy3 I spent 6 or so hours in races to generate the cash needed to buy the $105k 10 car garage and replace the apartment with the 2 car garage. (i really didn’t want to do this but I’m at my wits end). And low-and-behold my cars came back. 2015-07-16_00001   So, after all this ordeal, I’m only going to partially boycott R*. I will not pay for anything else from them. If I get their products as a gift, that’s fine. But I will NOT spend my own IRL-$ on anything of theirs moving-forward. They really dropped the ball, since the issue was caused by no fault of my own. It was their game updates that caused the problem. The only thing I can think of right now, that R* can do to redeem themselves, would be to find a way to kick all the hackers to the curb. So the people that actually play legit can do so unimpeded.   -Mylo9k

RockstarIsEASo I went to the usual weekend LAN party, and tried to join in a game of GTA Online.  The game needed an update, and after the usual amount of waiting, i was online. This is all and good and normal, so whats the big deal?  Glad you asked.  My usual routine is to go get one of my characters bikes or muscle cars and meet up with other crew members in the game somewhere, but low and behold, my garage was bare. My 10 car garage was empty. WTF?!

So now I set off to troubleshoot. I check my crew, and make sure i have the right one active, I did. No help there.

So, I log out and try to check for reasons or solutions on the various forums and knowledge-bases around the intertubes.

I find in a random google search that in some cases, the R* servers can be busy and they may fail to load your garage. “That’s got to be the case”, I thought to myself. So, I log back in to the game, sit thought its century-long load time, and check again. Sure enough the garage is STILL empty.

I took a screen shot of my empty garage and tweeted it to @RockstarGames.

Their reply was what i expected from a faceless corporate demon.RockStar-Twitter-1

Took a while to get the form to work, [Seems there is a file size limit that the required attachments exceeds by 0.01 mb. However the form doesn’t tell you that. I had to figure it out on my own and split the file into multiple smaller files, but i digress.] once the form was submitted, they got back to me the next day.



in their defense, this was the partially the case, but I only own a single 10 car garage and a single 2 car garage. My 10 car garage wasn’t full, I did have at least 3 spaces available. This means only 2 cars (my sandking and my Ocelot F620) and my scorcher mountain bike remained. everything else, was gone. Three cars and two motorcycles just lost in the ether.

I replied to the support ticket to this affect.

The next day i get this message.


If it wasn’t so difficult to get the things I had, Then I really wouldn’t care, but I put in a lot of time to get those cars. I was trying hard to unlock everything for them and I put a ton of in-game money into making them just right. Only to be removed because R* can’t get their shit together. Some how, its MY fault that THEIR recent update eff’d over my account.

Because of this, R* has crossed int EA territory. I boycotted EA long ago for being the pricks they are. I really didn’t want to have to add anyone else to the list but R* just shoehorned their way right in.

I spent a lot of real world money on GTA V. I purchased it for the Xbox360 on Disk and as a Digital Download version (because i hate swapping disks).  Then when I got an XboxOne, I got another digital version. As soon as the PC version was available for Pre-Order, I jumped all over that band wagon.  I spent well over $200 on this game because it was that good.

All it took was the company to fuck up and handle it poorly to convince me, that no matter how good the product, if you’re a ass-hat, You don’t get my business.

You make me sick Rockstar.  Shame on you.


Never again Rockstar. Never again.