Some what back to “Normal”

Things are starting to level out in this new year. However, things are still kinda messed up. The site seems to be stable for now. but that could change at any time. I’ve suffered a number of hardware failures and am now down to using my 55 inch tv as my only computer monitor. i have other screens i could use but they’re all sub-1080p. UNACCEPTABLE!

I’m still stuck spending most of my days taking care of my ever increasingly crazy father. He’s still actively fighting the fact that he can’t remember things clearly and, as my brother and I equate it, The goldfish that runs his brain resets every 10 minutes or so. His attempts to make food for himself usually lead to the smoke alarm going off or a messed up kitchen. I’m sure there is logic somewhere in the universe where mustard belongs in with the glass wear, but here on earth, that makes no friggen sense. Recently, thanks to my fathers refusal to read or obey any signage that says “DON’T COOK”, he still proceeded to try and make fish and chips in the microwave. (the fish we buy isn’t intended for the microwave and never have we ever cooked fish that way ever. Seriously I don’t know where he’s basing this experience on.)  Long story short; We now have a new microwave.

I don’t really have time to work on any of my video projects, so they’re on a permanent hold until a much later date. 

I’m hopeful that this chapter of my life will end soon and I’ll be able to resume my life and ambitions with out any looming and major issues or obligations that will distract me from making KLAq2000 the media company it really can be. 

Moving forward, Moving on.