Trying to get back on track

I’ve been neglecting my projects, and what gets me is that I know I’m doing it. I choose to not work on my videos. I’m not really sure why I’m doing this, I guess its because I’ve been really tired and depressed as of late. No one wants to hear about that so I’ll move on.

So, I spent the day working on some… well..  A test shot. I built a small set and some simple props, then I ran into problems trying to link in my actor.

Most of the issues I had at first were happening because I failed to check the basics before starting. My install of blender must have been reset when I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything was at default and thus so was the render engine. Took me too long to figure that out. After that the deformations weren’t working right, so I spend the majority of my time trying to correct the weight painting. I’m still not happy with it but its working better than it was.

Freestyle, the render option that puts the nice cartoon keylines on things isn’t playing nice. (when does it). It proving so difficult that I’m seriously considering not bothering with it. Whats worse is that I seem to be the only one that gives a damn about that feature because I can’t find any help about it. This means I’m stuck trying to figure it out on my own. I really want to get into this project and hopefully it will become something. I just wish it would co-operate and stop being stupid.

So for the nobody that actually comes to this site, here’s a render of what shouldn’t have taken me all day to do.

Mr.O hard at work.