WoW – Getting The Kurken with Horde

Okay so, I play World of Warcraft (WoW) from time to time and one of my favorite classes is a Hunter. Now one of the best parts of being a Hunter is “hunting” for exotic/rare pets to fight alongside you. “The Kurken” is one such pet that is a little tricky to obtain and found very little help online explaining how to do so. This video is a tutorial explaining how a Horde character can accomplish this…step by step.

Key points or reasons to watch:
– Not able to fly (no flying mount or skill)
– Under level 60
– Patch 6.2 – Warlords of Draenor
– Kurken is lvl 12 – Exotic
– Must have Beast Mastery
– Should have Lvl 40 – Journeyman Riding
– Must have a waterwalking potion (lvl 35) or a means to walk on water

To skip my rant – goto: 15:12
To skip my tips/points – goto: 19:16
To skip flying to flightpath journey – goto: 23:47