WTH could possibly happen next?

<RANT>This has been an ordeal. The last little while has been fraught with misadventure. Week started with my car getting broken into, and now a windstorm that is going to require a new roof. I guess it’s fortunate that i have good friends that work in that industry. The wind also knocked over the majority of the fence in the back yard. Not that it wasn’t expected, the fence barely stands as it is. However, its how my ass hat of a neighbour deals with these things. Any of the fence bits that fell onto his property, he immediately came outside, while the storm is still happening, and threw it into my yard. I took a picture of the damage, and was sending the pic to by brother, couldn’t get back to the camera fast enough to catch him in the act, but i’m sure i’ll get another chance to nail his ass to the wall one day.

My dad’s still on that downward slide to crazyville. He was actively looking for a peanut butter jar to put the fallen fense bits in. would be funny if he wasn’t fucking up my kitchen in the process. No dad, there are not empty peanut butter jars in the fridge… or the oven… or in the dishwasher… i ask him how he intends to put large planks of wood in a tiny jar. His response is usually incoherent mumbling followed by wandering away then repeating the process in 3-9 minutes.

I’m currently collaborating with some friends on a project that is really fun. But i don’t want to get into it since it’s in the really early stages. Maybe if it gains ground and we’re all in agreement to release the info, then maybe i’ll talk more about it.

I’m going to get back to watching my life crumble into nothingness. I’ll post more later. </RANT>